Dad Picks Up 6-Yr-Old From School Only Teachers Notice His Pants & Suddenly Realize Situation

Dad entered the principal’s office and instantly caused heads to turn. He then approached his daughter and spoke something she would never forget.
Nothing we as parents would not do to ensure the comfort and happiness of our kids. Ben Sowards, a husband and father from Utah, knew he had to pick up his 6-year-old daughter straight away when he received a call from her school informing him that there had been a restroom accident.

Ben was also aware that he needed to help his daughter Valerie recover from her embarrassing accident. At that point, he had a fantastic thought.

Ben ran a little water about the crotch of his pants before getting in the car and driving to Valerie’s school. Ben revealed in a Huffington Post interview that the best way to cheer up his little girl was to make her laugh.

Sincerity be damned, I knew she was embarrassed, but I reasoned that if I could get her to laugh, everything would be alright.

This would undoubtedly work!

Ben asked to borrow Valerie’s backpack as soon as he entered the principal’s office. He told his daughter in a low voice that he had to keep something hidden. Valerie was initially perplexed as to why her father would need to conceal anything.

She then turned her head to look at his lower body and noticed his pants.

When Valerie caught a glimpse of his underwear, according to Ben, everything was OK. She had no trouble getting to her feet and confidently leaving the school.

She was completely frustrated. But as soon as she caught a glimpse of my underwear, I knew everything was fine. Every father has seen the look I’m referring to. And we simply left the building as if nothing had happened.

Ben’s only responsibility as a father was to travel to the school and pick up his daughter. He went the additional mile to ensure that she wasn’t humiliated by something that most kids go through by wetting his pants with water.

Ben is the kind of father the world needs more of!

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