New mom gets message about her newborn on doorbell camera from UPS driver she can’t ignore

Kind comments from a delivery person were exactly what a new mother wanted to hear.
UPS deliveryman Dallen Harrell took time out of his hectic schedule to inspire one family in particular. He wanted to wish the family from Roswell, Georgia well after seeing their “It’s A Boy” sign on their front lawn. Harrell wanted to convey to the family his own message of compassion because he had just become a father.

Viral spread of Dallen’s Ring Camera message.
Dallen is heard wishing the family luck with their new addition in the now-viral video message. If this is the ‘it’s a boy house’ that had the bird whose name I can’t recall, I hope everything is fine with your new baby. I just want to check in to see how things are doing since I had a baby around the same time you guys did. Godspeed and merry holidays, remarked Marietta, Georgia resident Dallen Harrell, a UPS employee.

His act of charity has a profound effect.
Jessica Kitchel, a new mother, and her husband couldn’t believe the real and caring act coming from a total stranger when they received the message on their Ring Camera.

Kitchel was astounded by his inspiring comments.
“I just played it back and saw that it completely blew away his message,” he said.I believe I needed it most at that particular time. Just a little prodding.” she informed CBS46. The video received over 60,000 views after Kitchel shared it on social media. People were moved by the goodwill of this young man and wanted to repay him in some way.

The two new pals actually meet.
When Kitchel finally had the chance to meet Harrell in person, she was giddy with delight. They hugged each other and laughed as they recalled the act of compassion that had begun it all.

As Kitchel told CBS46, “I was so excited to talk to him and just thank him for what his message meant to me,”
Kitchel was committed to returning the favor.
After their meeting, Kitchel inquired about Harrell’s baby registry for his upcoming baby. It found out that there had not been a baby shower for him and his fiance. Kitchel started working on uploading his registry links online in light of this new situation.

Everything on his wish list was bought…by strangers.
Strangers from nowhere. I couldn’t identify them from a paint can. Simply God’s instruments, Harrell told CBS 46. Harrell wishes to keep in touch with Kitchel and her family after being so moved by others’ acts of compassion. “I want it to be a continuing relationship. Without a doubt, not a season, but a lifetime,” he told CBS 46.

It doesn’t take much to cheer up another person.
It’s so simple to concentrate on what’s wrong right now, so the fact that everyone had the opportunity to witness someone taking a moment out of their day to perform a simple act of kindness meant a lot. Kitchel stated to CBS 46.

Watch the video of this touching tale right now.

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