Struggling boy opens backpack teen girl put on his desk and quickly drops head down

You may easily find a way to make someone’s day better if you search long and hard enough.
Unfortunately, the majority of the time, we’re too busy living our own lives to truly understand what others are going through. Young Sofi Cruz, a kid from Southern Carolina, just had the chance to help someone, and she most definitely took advantage of it.

The kid wrote on Facebook about a chat she was having with her close buddy Jaheim when he made an intriguing observation.
The comment itself wasn’t very memorable, but for some reason, Sofi continued to think about it for a few days. “I have been planning on doing something special for a good friend of mine for the past week and a half,” she wrote. Jahiem is his name.

Since Mrs. Dragotta’s third-grade class, I have known Jahiem.

He has always been the kind of student who completes all of his work by the deadline, shows up to class every day, helps the teacher out in class, and is generally a pleasant person.


“Last week, Jahiem asked, “Can someone get me a pair of shoes?’ but he didn’t want to sound ‘in-need’. I’m a [size] 10-11, and I don’t like my.

The teen said, “I’ve always wanted to get him something before, but I’ve never had the cash or the confidence to do it.

But this time, with the aid of her family and a new profession, Sofi actually carried out her surprise.

“Since I’ve started working hard and have a job, I saved up some money and purchased him a pair of shoes the next day. My grandfather also gave me assistance.

We see the kind Sofi delivering Jahiem his surprise in the ensuing video, which has been shared thousands of times on social media and carried on media sites around the country.

In the video, Sofi approaches her unaware friend as she enters the classroom with a backpack.


Jahiem is a very close friend to Sofi, who has known him for a very long time. She explains that ever since starting her new work, she has been itching to do something kind for someone, so she chose him as the recipient.

She places the backpack on his desk and says, “This is for you.”

Jahiem opens the bag and takes out a box while grinning slightly.


When Jahiem praises Sofi, she informs him that there is more inside. She had made him a treat bag of clothes, including shirts and socks, while he takes out item after item.

Jaheim manages to remain composed despite this, but when Sofi moves in for a hug, he starts to lose it totally.
“All my feelings came out as I handed him his belongings and watched him unzip his luggage. It was quite upsetting to see him cry since it was clear he was confused.


In a message, Sofi said:

“I’m so grateful that giving Jaheim those shoes made him so happy and that it helped me realize how life-altering it can be to give someone something so special.”

“With everything I have, I love you, Jahiem.”


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