Husband snaps ‘unflattering’ photo of wife asleep breastfeeding twins that makes headlines

There are simple things that serve as a reminder of how amazing being a mother is. If we’re being completely honest, those tiny images are NEVER attractive, but BOY are they fantastic. When things are messy, unpleasant, or exhausting, a mom’s strength really comes through. When Amy Griffith’s husband took a really unflattering picture, she came to that realization.

Amy Griffith, a mother of twins, recently gained notoriety due to a picture her husband shot.

It can be twice as difficult to raise twin children. It can be somewhat overwhelming to have to change twice as many diapers and feed twice as many mouths.

“So, I have some news.There are two infants inside. My kid and I were the only people in the space. I was merely there for a normal ultrasound to determine our approximate gestational age. My spouse is going to flip, I thought to myself when my brain had time to digest the words. When that happened, my mind started racing with “How in the world is this going to work?” questions. – Motivate Others

It was the most challenging time in Griffith’s life.

Traditional vaginal delivery was used to deliver Baby A, however Baby B resisted birth quite a bit more. Griffith ultimately had to undergo a c-section, which meant she had to give birth twice, back-to-back. There was still a great deal to do even though the birth was over.

Your body has to work twice as hard to provide for twins!

Double the milk makes the math simple! Griffith was healing from her c-section and delivery while also producing twice as much milk. The human body is incredibly extraordinary. Her body was exerting extra effort. She was so completely worn out during the first two weeks that words aren’t even adequate to explain it.

Sometimes I felt exhausted. Even though I was sacrificing so much of myself, my commitment was unwavering. I would put up with the sleepless nights and bouts of mastitis while making the sacrifices I believed were necessary. I wasn’t even tired while I was feeling that way in those early months. – Motivate Others

One of these “sessions” was when her spouse took the picture.

Griffith is shown breastfeeding her children while sitting up upright and being very candid and honest. but she is unconscious! She was so exhausted from being a supermom that she slept off while feeding her young children.

Nobody objects when she says that she was “sneaking a nap”!

Every mother understands the value of snoozing whenever possible. You go for it, even if it’s just for a short while! Griffith decided to start her own support group for other twin parents because the image was so well-liked.

This “sleepy” post has gotten a lot of love and has gone viral! I’m incredibly appreciative. I’ve developed a twin membership program providing individualized support and community for mothers who are expecting twins, nursing twins, and going through those first few years of twin-mom-life as a result of the queries I’ve gotten on Instagram.

Every mother understands that despite its difficulty, it is ALWAYS worthwhile. It’s twice as difficult but twice as gratifying when you have twins!

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