“Too see-through dress”: Salma Hayek flashed her underwear at Paris Fashion Week

The 56-year-old actress went to Paris Fashion Week’s second day. Salma went to the exhibition of the renown fashion house Saint Laurent. The actress produced a unique image for the historic occasion. Hayek donned a floor-length emerald dress with a thin, transparent fabric. The clothing “highlighted” a dark bustier while emphasizing the star’s feminine curves. The actress covered her shoulders with a black jacket to make the look less provocative.

With a pair of leather platform boots, Salma completed the ensemble. Around her neck was a pendant with a sizable stone, worn by the Hollywood actress. Hayek split her hair in the center and styled it in gentle curls. With lush lashes, green arrows on the eyelids, and mocha lipstick, the actress improved the appearance.

Francois-Henri Pinault, Salma, and their stepdaughter Matilda and daughter Valentina were all present. The sisters dressed alike after being inspired by a photo of a famous cousin. Matilda donned a beige dress, while Valentina wore a light shirt with a golden skirt. The celebrity’s companion showed up to the event in a turtleneck, slacks, and fur jacket.

The actress willingly posed for the photographers while smiling peacefully. Salma hugged Matilda and Francois-Henri alternately.

Concerns regarding the actress’ appearance were raised by fans. User comments included “Salma looks exquisite,” “Too transparent clothes became fashionable,” “I guess she neglected to dress up,” and “Salma’s clothing is stylish and sensual.”

The stylist of Anastasia Reshetova was drawn to Hayek’s images. Aleko Nadiryan said he was wasting his time “judging” her previously.

Salma is tired of always being associated with alluring ladies. For a very long period, the actress was unable to get comedic roles because of the assigned role.

The actress who played the title role in the movie “Frida” was there at Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira’s nuptials. Hayek showed up to the event wearing a gorgeous outfit that highlighted her cleavage.

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