En l’honneur de son 54e anniversaire, Lopez a montré ses formes dans un gros plan sans Photoshop.

On 24 July, Hollywood actress and singer Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 54th birthday. In honour of such a significant event, Jennifer showed off in a set, boasting a shape like a 30-year-old. Jennifer showed herself without photoshop up close, gathering congratulations and compliments in the comments under the post.

“Well, how can you look like this at 54 and without plastic surgery?”, “You make me excited with your appearance”, “To look like this at 54 is an impossible labour for many women”, “How cool you are”,

“I dream to look like this at 54”, “Say it’s photoshop, please”, “The most beautiful woman in the world”, “My idol and inspiration”, – wrote Internet users in comments under the photo of Jennifer Lopez.

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