À quoi ressemblent aujourd’hui les enfants du mannequin Klum et du chanteur Seal à la peau foncée ?

The singer Seal and Heidi Klum doll were equally married for nine years. Heidi has given birth to three heirs: Lou Sulola, Johan Riley Fedor Taiwo, and Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu.

Remember that Seal raised Heidi’s daughter out of an earlier relationship as though it were her own. The mannequin recently shared a new photo with her husband and her in-laws. “Don’t resemble their mother at all,” “I thought these were Heidi’s kids,”

“They have nothing in common with the mannequin,” “What matters most is that they are healthy and happy,” and “It would seem that they are adopted,”

Internet users have left comments under Klum’s images, saying things like “Exact replicas de leur père”, “La fille aînée de Klum est vraiment magnifique, les gènes de maman ont fait leur travail”, “Quel dommage qu’ils ne ressemblent pas à leur maman”, and “Des enfants malchanceux.”

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