Bradley Cooper invite sa mère octogénaire Gloria sur le tapis rouge – Les admirateurs s’extasient sur sa taille


Recently, Bradley Cooper dressed up as his mother Gloria for a high-profile event. This charmed social media users with their close relationship and sparked mixed reactions over Gloria’s size. One of the many actors in attendance at this year’s Golden Globes was Bradley Cooper. While others were making waves with their new appearances, her presence was highlighted by her cavalier.

The main character in “A Star is Born” was accompanied by his mother Gloria Cooper, who was radiating on the red carpet and was now eighty years old. Several media outlets captured the tender moments between the couple and shared excerpts of the event on social media, sparking a plethora of positive comments honoring the endearing mother-daughter bond.

Instagram users and followers couldn’t help but gush about Gloria’s size, with many expressing their appreciation for this stylized octogénaire. Is it true that he is so large? Or is she that small? Extremely cute,” someone commented. Others praised Gloria’s beauty and said she exuded a youthful aura. “What a small mother,” someone commented on Instagram, calling her “mignonne.” Someone other considered Gloria to be her biggest fan because of her support for her kid. She said, “She has always been by her side and always will be.”

Following the event on the red carpet, Bradley—who values maintaining his privacy—and his mother were spotted entering the renowned restaurant Giorgio Baldi, which is run by the family. The Golden Globes event wasn’t the first time Bradley had disclosed his close relationship with his mother. The actor was in quarantine with Gloria throughout the pandemic and shared their experiences, highlighting the close bond between the actor and his mother.

During the worst of the pandemic, he, his daughter, and their two dogs shared a roof. Not one of them participated for a while, adding a layer of defense for Gloria, who carried a colostomy bag and was at risk of viral problems.

“Our residence is a little city house. Sadly, there is a court behind. I am the head of a male-only school. We’re going to swim, we’re going to take swimming lessons in the bay,” the actor said.

Even though Bradley Cooper is fully committed to his acting career, he is also a devoted father who left a press conference after receiving an urgent call from his daughter’s school.

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