Despite losing a baby, Cristiano Ronaldo is happy with his “magnifique” six-year-old twins.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is passionate about his kids and refers to them as his “loves of his life,” experienced the loss of one of his other kids, a boy, but finds comfort in the company of his surviving kids. Together with Georgina Rodriguez, they are the parents of all of his children. The football player has six children: Alana Martina with Georgina, Cristiano Jr., and the twins Eva Maria and Mateo.

After being born, Cristiano had six children. In 2010, he became a father for the first time, with Cristiano Jr. The twins, Eva Maria and Mateo, were born in June 2017, not long after Cristiano started going out with Georgina Rodriguez. In November 2017, Alana Martina, their first shared daughter, was born. The news of the juvenile arrival in October 2021 was followed by a tragic announcement in April 2022 regarding the death of one of the juveniles, a boy.

Even though Cristiano had never revealed Cristiano Jr.’s mother, he had stated that as he became older, he would always tell his kids the truth. Despite the tragic death of one of his brothers, Cristiano finds happiness in the company of his six-year-old survivor brothers, Mateo and Eva. He expressed his love and passion for them by posting happy moments on Instagram.

Cristiano’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez met the football player in Spain in 2016. Despite the difficulties of a relationship with such a well-known figure, she values her family above everything else. Georgina, who lost her father, places a high value on her family’s health. She leads a balanced life between her job as a mannequin, her devoted motherhood, and her love for Cristiano.

With Georgina’s support, Cristiano Ronaldo is proud of his large family and makes sure his kids are present at his matches. The couple’s cooperation and the value placed on the family demonstrate a priceless balance between their dedicated parental role and their professional lives.

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