Elle est jeune et belle, et il est millionnaire. À quoi ressemble la femme d’un millionnaire de 73 ans ?

The Italian businessman and Formula 1 manager revealed his wealth. Flavio Briatore, a septuagénaire, is thought to be worth $150 million. Like any other respectable millionaire, Flavio is married to a young photomannequin. The handsome Elisabetta gave birth to Flavio’s chosen son.

Even though the couple has been happily married since 2008, Flavio and his young wife are still being followed by the media and online users. Pictures of the pair that were taken by vacationing paparazzi have surfaced online.

Indeed, it’s about love. Who would want to prevent that?”Elle préfère son argent ou l’aime?”,

“Flavio bought his love.” He has the means. “Why not?,” “They don’t go together,” “Does he believe in the sincerity of his feelings?”

Internet users have written in comments, “Pense-t-il vraiment que cette jeune femme l’aime sincèrement?”

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