Gênée par son ventre arrondi. Une femme qui a accouché à 62 ans présente son fils.

It truly is a miracle! Patricia Rashbrook gave birth to her first child at the age of sixty-two, but let’s start at the beginning. In spite of their advanced age, the child psychiatrist hoped to have a child by her second husband. Today’s hero, Patricia, called for the establishment of a reproductive health clinic because she was unable to become a mother by nature.


Unfortunately, the woman was seen to be refusing in vitro fertilization because, in the United Kingdom, women over the age of 40 are not permitted to have this procedure. Patricia and John received assistance from a scandalous Italian physician who was well-known at the time for his scandalous and unconventional approach to patient care.

Patricia arrived in the United Kingdom already pregnant. She admitted that at first, she had concealed her pregnancy from her family and friends, fearing their disapproval.

Patricia, now sixty-two, gave birth to a son in 2006. His name is JJ. Le jeune homme a célébré son 17e anniversaire quelques temps auparavant. Convince him that motherhood is admirable at any age.

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