Un homme a acheté une maison délabrée pour une somme ridicule et l’a transformée en un manoir.


Zoltan Nagy spent a considerable amount of time living abroad. The subject of where to live was raised when he made the decision to return to his birthplace. Indeed, he might have rented an apartment or stayed with relatives. But Zoltan desired to own his own home. And preferably somewhere close to nature, where he might take advantage of the peace and the sound of birdsong.

Nagy had found what he was looking for in the outskirts of Bekes city. The house had been built towards the end of the previous century.

To put it mildly, the places weren’t in great shape. His friends discouraged him from purchasing a “grange.” But Zoltan paid 33 mille roubles for the property when he bought it.

Nagy and his wife embarked on a significant renovation for which they spent the same amount of money. The manor’s interior was decorated in a rustic manner.

Zoltan enjoys minimalism and simplicity. This is the reason there isn’t anything excessive in his home.

They applied white paint to the walls and placed ray-patterned tape on the floor. The woman’s husband installed brown-colored wooden furniture in their home. It was quite comfortable and enjoyable.

When Zoltan’s friends—the same ones who had discouraged him from buying—came to see him, they did not believe it. There was no sign of the “grange” left. They were getting ready for a lovely mansion.

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