Dog with childish soul

 Dog with childish soul

Everyone has that special item, without which we can’t believe in our existence. For 20 year’s old Tessa, this is a crammed banana, with which she is not letting even for a minute.

Guy and his dog, golden retriever, nature,labrador,three dogs. Tessa has been a faithful and loved pet of her own family. She loves her proprietors, and does not get tired of  displaying her love. But within the life of this dog there may be something specifically valuable that can’t be compared with something.

This is a stuffed banana. The pet’s proprietor, Shanna Loren, offered Tessa a stuffed banana when another animal destroyed her preceding toy. Tessa became unhappy, however the unhappiness quickly gave way to happiness from a brand new assembly. As quickly as the pet saw a banana, she straight away took it with her teeth – and from that day she no longer let it down!

Every time someone visits their house she brings her toy and boasts in a proud manner. Neither age, nor “senile” deafness, keeps Tessa from being a touch doggy in her soul. She may be very connected to her toy and all and sundry around her is inquisitive about this adorable couple!
“For Tessa, this banana isn’t just a stuffed toy. it’s her whole lifestyle!” – says the owner.

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