Fearless woman saves Osprey bird from drowning

 Fearless woman saves Osprey bird from drowning

While Cindy Hales was out with her family on a boat ride, she noticed something unusual going up and down the water. When they approached the woman was astonished to find an Osprey bird in the water.

The kind woman stretched her arms and used her oar in order to help the bird climb up the oar and come out of the water. When the bird was on the oar and the kind woman took her to the boat she kept her head down in order not to frighten the bird.

The Osprey birds catch fish from the waters but that da was not lucky for this one. But the day was lucky that the bird met especially this brave and kind woman who made up her mind to save the drowning bird.

The family told Cindy that she could fly off when she would have dry wings and approached the boat to the shoreline. During this whole time, the woman was keeping her head down. When they reached the bird had no intentions to fly. The woman’s thumb was injured as the bird was standing on it and the bird even bit her finger. When the family members saw that the bird didn’t fly they gave her a slight nudge to remind her to fly off as they were near the sand. Now the bird was flying and searching for another adventure thanks to this brave and kind-hearted woman.

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