Sick Dog Curls Up On Stranger’s Porch In Total Defeat

 Sick Dog Curls Up On Stranger’s Porch In Total Defeat

The stray animals face many hardships until they find some kind people who will love them or show some help.

This dog was abused on the streets by passers-by in Los Angeles, California. Various people threw stones at him until Lisa Chiarelli stepped in to save him.

The kind woman called Lisa Arturo with Big Love Animal Rescue and explained that there was a dog in need who was being abused by the neighbors. When the rescue group arrived the dog couldn’t be found anywhere. Lisa suggested putting a blanket on the porch so that the dog would find a cozy place to rest.

The next morning the dog was sleeping wrapped in a blanket as expected. The rescue group came and took the dog to the vet. He was suffering from skin and eye infection and the vets determined that the poor dog wouldn’t survive for too long if they hadn’t found him on time.

Luckily the help was on time and the vets gave the needed medicament and helped the dog completely. The dog recovered and was in safe hands. We hope that he wouldn’t be in such an awful situation anymore.

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