Elle est allée chez son père. Comment a grandi la fille d’André le Géant, qui mesurait 2 mètres et pesait plus de 200 kg ?

André was born in France, and as a child, he was diagnosed with acromegaly; this is the reason he has consistently grown.

Despite his large stature, he has managed to have a successful career and has become a well-known actor and showman.

Additionally, he has achieved numerous victories and records in combat. Because of this, he is even listed in the Guinness World Records book.

Even in his personal life, André generally got along well. The man had started relationships with women rather frequently while not being married.

He also has a daughter. Even though at first André was certain that the child wasn’t his, he believed that his illness prevented him from having children.

However, an ADN test revealed that he was in fact the girl’s father.

La femme a maintenant 40 ans. And notice how much she resembles her father!

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